Sketching Pastel

Welcome back!

things have been going a lot and finally got chance to sit down and draw. i got a set of pastel as a present from friend and decided to play with it. What a delightful experience!! although i make a whole mess around my table..

anyway enjoy!


Rock and Roll?

Good Day or Selamat siang!

just a quick  update of my side drawing. i have been listening to rock music this couple of weeks and inspired to draw this.

Work Flow

Happy yellow everyone!!

Valentine + Chinese new year is coming soon this Sunday! Medan, which is the most populated Chinese community in Indonesia is in a crazy atmosphere, Traffic Jam everywhere, shops filled with Chinese new year song and lots of red decoration. Weather over here is humid with a bit of rain. Black out is happening daily, yesterday it happened during night time while i was watching “The Orphan” quite scary movie…. but really good.

Today i want to post my sample work flow for you guys to have a look and maybe could give me some comments! the schedule of image from ” the palm-hand stories” will have to be delayed till next week because i have been going physiotherapy for my back , neck and hand this week. too much drawing i guess :-p

ENJOY and Stay tune for next updates after Valentine’s day!

p.s : Have you planned the special event for your love one this Sunday?  make sure you DO!


some sketches

Recently i have been reading a book called “Palm on the hand Stories” by Yasunori Kuwabata.

i found this book in Singapore airport and decided to bought it. basically the book contains a collection of short stories and there is one chapter that intrigues me a lot. the title called ” the incident of death face” i think it is the most direct story from all since his writting is like a poem and very symbolic, so i kinda lost with the other stories.

anyway, here are some of sketches, and for next update, i planned to sketch things out from “palm on the hand stories” book. Oh and New Ghibli movie from Isao Takahata is decided, based on the folk story ” The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter” which tells the story of Princess kaguya from the Moon. i did a bit of sketch, for my own version.. i bet Takahata version is much more interesting.

audrey Hype part 2

Konnichiwa again!!

Days are going fine in My home country, Medan. A little bit humid with lots of BLACK OUT.. geez what’s wrong with the electricity around Medan.. almost daily i have to live like a cave man.

anyway here is some updates on my next illustration with lovely miss Hepburn!