Work Flow

Happy yellow everyone!!

Valentine + Chinese new year is coming soon this Sunday! Medan, which is the most populated Chinese community in Indonesia is in a crazy atmosphere, Traffic Jam everywhere, shops filled with Chinese new year song and lots of red decoration. Weather over here is humid with a bit of rain. Black out is happening daily, yesterday it happened during night time while i was watching “The Orphan” quite scary movie…. but really good.

Today i want to post my sample work flow for you guys to have a look and maybe could give me some comments! the schedule of image from ” the palm-hand stories” will have to be delayed till next week because i have been going physiotherapy for my back , neck and hand this week. too much drawing i guess :-p

ENJOY and Stay tune for next updates after Valentine’s day!

p.s : Have you planned the special event for your love one this Sunday?  make sure you DO!

1. Initial sketch and Layout design

2. Refine sketch + basic color and tones

Initial color and tone setting3. Secondary color, Details added, Basic texture added to create more depth and spice up the image.

5. Final Refinement + various playable layout.


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