Metal Gear Solid

Hello everyone!

just updated my BLOG! recently Japan is pretty hot with the new MGS game : MGS PEACE WALKER.

apparently the release is being delayed due to post-production. I heard the graphic and gameplay is really good. But for me, i just love YOJI SHINKAWA design. I just recently purchased MGS 4 artbook and right away i illustrate one of the enemies in the game: Beauty and the Beast.

Anyway, hope you like it and good day fellow!


言語のある学生さん student in my school

皆さんこんいちわ!げんき? hello eveyone! how’s things going?


Currently i live in Aichi Prefecture, Okazaki City as part of my Japanese language studies. Today the school has finally started under pretty bad weather; heavy rain and a bit of typhoon. however, today i met a lot of interesting students and there is particular one that leave a mark in my brain.. and decided to draw her. what do you all think?