ooh my favorite Anime,

i have been following GUNDAM for years now. In japan, GUNDAM is also very popular and they have finally make a CAFE based on GUNDAM! mad.. i’ll definitely gonna check it out when i went to TOKYO. my favorite gundam series will be TURN A , ZETA, 0083 , and the newewst UNICORN GUNDAM.

In design wise, i really like GUNDAM 00 series. they got like 4 designer to design the whole mecha and there is one particular designer i like, YANASE TAKAYUKI who was also involved in METAl GEAR SOLID series. Other designer i love is KATOKI HAJIME and the original designer, KUNIO OKAWARA, JUNYA ISHIGAKI and the guest deisgner of TURN A GUNDAM, Syd Mead.

here is some Gundam illustration i did recently with heavilly influenced by GUNDAM 00


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