Female warrior final version

Final version yeah!


Female warrior… part 02

Welcome back and this is the second part for the female warrior!

Female warrior… part 01

Another week passed by…

Nothing much going on and i got contacted by Game LOFT studio located in Singapore to do a concept character design of Amazon female warrior.

Here is some of the progress going through till finish version.

Experiment with fantasy

Hello guys!

Another slow week went by quietly around Melbourne. The weather is kinda weird and still no internet around my home. Really Great…

Well i took my interest to draw cooler stuff right now. so, i decided to look around medieval Fantasy stuff. i really love drawing armors and swords when i was a kid. Kinda fun going back to my old interest.



fun halloween

Hello guys,

welcome back, and i hope everyone enjoy their Halloween party. for me, i finally got my own Light table, YIPEE!

so for my first test, i decided to draw, a friend of mine who become popular after wearing a certain costume from a well-known animation which shall remain unknown. i bet you know it.



Kaguya hime

Another week past by and it’s time for me to be more active now.

i had enough rest and seeing most of my friends having fun in Halloween makes me wanna go back there. but life is life..  i need to move on and back to my reality.

I plan to re-visit some of my old projects and most important, update my Showreel.

so for Warming up, i want to finish this illustration.

Image of KAGUYA HIME, which will be STUDIO GHIBLI’s  next movie.

Disappointment and Recovery

Hello folks!

Welcome back and it’s time to write back in english for this post. Things have been going slow back in Melbourne… Had couple of interviews for jobs that are not going so well…

Anyway, i had fun for my year in Japan and i won’t forget it. I applied for couple animation jobs and gaming in Japan. but, no luck so far and the last one i had is for SUNRISE, a company that creates Gundam. i went through the test and second interview.. but at the end.. i didn’t get the job because the pay is so low and Japanese immigration can’t produce the visas for me( or i didn’t do my part)so.. major DISAPPOINTMENT..  and currently i have decided to do something else while proceed with my own projects in part-time basis.

anyway here is some updates on drawings i did, before i got the news..

SUCKS.. but..at least,  i had fun talking with other candidates and the interviewers, which are mostly a veteran animators and directors.

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